Instant Customer Base for your Startup

Learn what people really want and launch with confidence to an engaged community of customers

Gain customer insights quickly

Only pay for real customer responses

Save thousands on research

You have too much riding on this to launch without customers who are ready to buy

The uncertainty can be crippling. Know before you press 'go'. 

We want your dream to transform into a successful business

We know the start-up struggle

Thousands of customers at the ready

We focus on start-ups

Millions saved on research

Launching with confidence is easy when you have the right tools

Everything you need in one simple app

Determine Demand

Know what customers want and their level of demand in specific locations

Pre-Production customers

Find customers before you ever start producing your product or service

Location Filtering

Determine specific geographical markets and cities with precision

Relevant Targeting

Save on marketing costs by only marketing to a relevant audience

B2B Capabilities

Access current business owners on the app

Reduce Research Costs

Reduce the cost of the market research you need to launch successfully

Client Feedback

Receive valuable client feedback in the development phase


Re-target ideal clients again and again without spending to relocate them

Transparent Pricing

Know exactly what your costs are up-front with transparent pricing

Accelerated Research

Acquire market and customer research instantly with no extra costs

Enhanced Intelligence

Narrow in on customers based on a range of demographic and psychographic info

Direct Engagement

Instantly reach ideal customers directly with only a couple clicks

"This could be HUGE for the members of any startup or accelerator. Knowing a startup already has a built-in customer base with high product demand brings confidence and investment that was previously out of reach"

Know your market

As a startup, it's imperative that you not only know your customer base, but also where they are and what they truly want

What normally takes piles of cash and is a logistical nightmare now takes only a few minutes and a couple clicks

Do market research while still in development and launch with a built-in and fully engaged customer base

Find your customers

Once you've located and segmented out your ideal customers, you can initiate market research before launch AND even loop back and market to your segmented list after production is complete

You can finally research, launch, and market all on one platform, making it easier than ever to be a successful startup in a competitive market

Launch your startup with confidence

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