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Go from cost per click to Cost Per Response

Contrast Focusloop to what search & social media ads really cost

Acquiring a customer in today's digital marketing ecosystem is costly and offers little return on investment

Stats that make you go "Hmmm..."


The average click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook ads across all industries is only 0.90%.

Credit: Wordstream blog (August 2020) 

The average cost per action (CPA) for Facebook ads across all industries is $18.68.

Credit: Wordstream blog (August 2020) 

With no competition and no accountability, big tech companies force businesses into a "spend and hope" cycle that just never ends

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Find your perfect customers for less than the cost of a handful of clicks 



Pricing Plans




Per Response Credit 


No minimum purchase

All features included

Unlimited campaigns

Credits expire 30 days after purchase

Get Started

Gettin' Serious



Per Response Credit 

3 Month Subscription

100 credit minimum/mo.

All features included

Unlimited campaigns

Credits expire 45 days after purchase

Get Serious

Growth Catalyst



Per Response Credit 

6 Month Subscription

250 credit minimum/mo.

All features included

Unlimited campaigns

Credits expire 60 days after purchase

Get Growing

You really can get all of this in one simple, easy to use app.

Determine demand.png

Determine Demand

Know what customers want and their level of demand in specific locations

Pre-production customers.png

Pre-Production Customers

Find customers before you ever start producing your product or service

Location filtering.png

Location Filtering

Determine specific geographical markets and cities with precision

Relevant targeting.png

Relevant Targeting

Save on marketing costs by only marketing to a relevant audience

B2B capabilities.png

B2B Capabilities

Identify business owners and create business to business offers directly
(on roadmap)

Reduce research costs.png

Reduce Research Costs

Reduce the cost of the market research you need to launch successfully

Client feedback.png

Client Feedback

Receive valuable client feedback throughout the entire product cycle



Re-target ideal customers again and again without spending to relocate them

Transparent pricing.png

Transparent Pricing

Know exactly what your costs are up-front with transparent pricing

Accelerated research.png

Accelerated Research

Acquire market and consumer insight research instantly with no extra costs

Enhanced intelligence.png

Enhanced Intelligence

Find customers based on a range of demographic and psychographic info

Direct engagement.png

Direct Engagement

Instantly reach ideal customers directly with only a couple clicks

Clicks and impressions don't lead to actionable insights

If you're lucky and your content is stellar, your sales funnel will achieve a 5-7% conversion rate and possibly some accompanying sales

Stop wasting at minimum 80% of your marketing dollars on clicks that don't lead to usable data or actual sales

Cost for DM vs FL.png

Imagine always getting a return on your marketing investment rather than seeing most of it wasted

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between responses and credits?

Absolutely nothing! We decided to include both terms since most people are familiar with the concept of purchasing credits. Your credits are only deducted when you receive actual responses from consumers.

Are all features available with all plans?

We don't believe that people should be forced to pay more to access better features, so we give you access to every feature regardless of which plan you choose.

Can you guarantee that I'll see a return on the money I spend with Focusloop?

While no one can guarantee that people will buy, you will get the insight you need to determine who your customers are, their personal interests, and what they really want. With this powerful data in hand, companies can conclude if those consumers are their ideal customers and send hyper targeted offers to the exact right audience, so none of your marketing dollars are ever wasted. 

What do I get with Focusloop that my current marketing doesn't give me?

Where do we start!? Let's go down the list:

  • The ability to search consumers by enhanced demographic info, making it easier to find your desired audience.

  • Transparent pricing means always knowing what your costs are up front. The cost for a useless click still remains a mystery to this day.

  • Real time feedback & insight from every campaign via our always-on feedback loop. Try getting that from a click!

  • Drastically reduced cost per lead. 

  • Undivided attention and direct engagement with your brand. No chance of getting that on social media.

  • The ability to gather as much psychographic data as you need to learn about your customer's preferences.

  • Peace of mind knowing that there is always a tangible return on your marketing investment with Focusloop; none of your marketing dollars are wasted, ever!

Still have questions?

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Stop paying for clicks and views forever

We'll show you how

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