How we make marketing easy 

We seriously do everything on this page in one simple app

Stop paying for clicks and connect directly with ideal customers

Every marketing dollar counts and you need to know the value you're getting at every step in the process. Rather than paying for empty clicks or expensive market research, Focusloop affordably delivers new customers and high quality data to brands, agencies, and start-ups.

This Changes Everything

Immediate Engagement

Within moments real customers respond to you and focus their complete attention on your brand

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Market Research

Save time and money on market research with more accurate results and the opportunity to reach respondents again and again

Customer Acquisition

We make the process of finding new customers as easy as simply asking for them

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The Agency Advantage

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Reduced Costs

Experience an easier way to reach respondents and get quality data for a fraction of the traditional cost

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New Revenue Stream

Offer your clients a new, innovative way to market directly to consumers that are ready to buy

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Digital Market Research

Long gone are the days of dumping thousands of dollars to cram groups of random people into rooms and bombard them with questions to get quality data

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Modern Approach

Conducting meaningful market research was clunky and laborious. It no longer needs to cost so much time and money

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Faster Results

Getting results in minutes rather than weeks or months means you start benefiting right away

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Direct Engagement

Engage directly with consumers where they are without calls, emails, or expensive focus groups

Businesses that switch to Focusloop report increased engagement and customer acquisition with less investment

95% report an increase in new customers

82% report spending less time on marketing

91% say customer engagement increased

93% report more confidence launching new products

Focusing on your ideal customer is easy

Target individual customers based on a range of demographic and psychographic criteria.

  • Geographical searches make sure you're only reaching the places you need

  • Segment customers based on their previous answers so you can find jut the right fit

  • Stop paying for engagement from people that will never be your customers

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Continuous feedback loop250.png

Continuous feedback loop gets customers coming back

Acquire customers AND their valuable feedback with each campaign. Once you have built your list of ideal customers, you can get more feedback from them anytime you want.

  • Get feedback from your ideal customers instantly

  • Reach back out to your customer lists anytime 

  • Receive feedback on offers to learn what works

Engage directly with consumers instantly

In just a few moments you can have your first campaign set up and ready to launch. Getting instant engagement from ideal customers just got really easy.

  • Cut out big social and hear directly from your customers

  • It only takes a moment to connect to real people that need you

  • Rather than paying for views and clicks you get customers

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Predictable pricing250.png

Predictable pricing means you never wonder what you're getting

Avoid wasteful spending by only paying for actual engagement rather than empty clicks. You should be getting more for your marketing investment.

  • Only pay when customers respond

  • Always know what the costs are up front

  • Steady pricing so you can plan your strategy

Pre-campaign market research capabilities

Understand your market so you can make effective offers with confidence rather than spending and hoping. When you know it's going to work, it changes everything.

  • Get feedback from ideal customers before committing

  • Reduce time and expenses in the design phase

  • Discover shifts in the market you might have missed before

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Build nurture customer lists250.png

Build and nurture new customer lists

Save your newly found customers and eliminate the cost to re-acquire them each time. With saved lists of customers, it's easy to make new offers to an 'at the ready' audience.

  • Segment different saved customer lists

  • Make new offers to existing lists

  • Ask follow up questions to the engaged audience

Ultimate Re-Targeting Capabilities

Send new offers to your saved lists of customers anytime with just a few clicks. Once you know you have a great group of people interested, don't give them the silent treatment. Keep them coming back! All you need to do is send a fresh question or offer to drive more recurring revenue. Rather than starting over with yet another ineffective social media ad most of your clients never see, you could get started selling to people that already love you.

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Tangible value250.png

Tangible value even before the sale

Receive empowering data to make better marketing decisions in future campaigns. It's no longer a mystery why an ad didn't work. Customers can simply tell you why they didn't take you up on your offer so you can modify it and land more customers. Learn what type of customers respond to which offers. You get value at every easy step in the process.

Run on-demand focus groups anytime

This levels the playing field. Focus groups are no longer out of reach for small businesses. It's never been easier to run effective focus groups without all the typical hassle of coordinating rooms full of people that may or may not ideal customers for you

  • Know what customers REALLY think

  • Discover what your ideal clients face every day

  • Save dramatically on expenses for quality data

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Closed loop promo feedback250.png

Closed-Loop promo feedback

Get feedback from coupons and offers! You no longer need to wonder what it would have taken to land a new customer or what they thought of your offer. Instantly get the feedback you need to better shape your offers so people can't help but buy.

  • Shape stronger offers with usable data

  • Learn what makes your customers buy

  • Receive valuable data throughout the sales cycle

Marketing & research is easy when you have the right tools 

Everything you need in one simple app

Determine demand.png

Determine Demand

Know what customers want and their level of demand in specific locations

Pre-production customers.png

Pre-Production Customers

Find customers before you ever start producing your product or service

Location filtering.png

Location Filtering

Focus on precision geographical markets down to the city, county, and even specific zip code levels

Relevant targeting.png

Relevant Targeting

Save on marketing costs by only marketing to a relevant audience

B2B capabilities.png

B2B Capabilities

Identify business owners and create business to business offers right on the app

(coming soon)

Reduce research costs.png

Reduce Research Costs

Reduce the cost of the market research you need to launch successfully

Client feedback.png

Client Feedback

Receive valuable client feedback throughout the entire product cycle



Re-target ideal clients again and again without spending to relocate them

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Transparent Pricing

Know exactly what your costs are up-front with transparent pricing

Accelerated research.png

Accelerated Research

Acquire market and consumer insight research instantly with no extra costs

Enhanced intelligence.png

Enhanced Intelligence

Narrow in on customers based on a range of demographic and psychographic info

Direct engagement.png

Direct Engagement

Instantly reach ideal customers directly with only a couple clicks

Start finding new customers instead of wasting money on marketing

Find Customers