Bring clients more customers without wasting their money on clicks

Be the marketing unicorn that always delivers measurable results with every campaign

Your clients are depending on you to bring them customers, not clicks

Endless content creation and testing are killing your profits and annoying your customers

Market Research + Customer Acquisition

Our solution combines market research and customer acquisition into one easy to use platform

Partner with Focusloop to offer your clients a valuable new service while instantly saving on costs and opening up a new revenue stream for your agency 

What your agency gets

Immediate cost savings

Stop overspending on research

Instantly get quality data to formulate your marketing strategy for a fraction of the cost


Direct engagement

Reach the right people with ease

Engage ideal customers directly without phone calls, exhausting emailing, social media campaigns, sales funnels, or expensive focus groups.

Expand your product offering

A new approach to marketing

Offer your clients a new, innovative way to market directly to consumers that are ready to buy


The Agency Advantage

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Reduce Costs

Reach consumers easily and get relevant data for a fraction of the cost

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New Revenue Stream

Offer your clients a new, innovative way to market directly to consumers that are ready to buy

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Digital Market Research

No more cramming random people into a room and bombarding them with questions for consumer opinions

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Modern Approach

Sales funnels and pay per click campaigns are clunky and laborious. It no longer needs to cost so much to get new customers

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Faster Results

Getting results in minutes rather than weeks or months means you start benefiting right away

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Direct Engagement

Engage directly with consumers where they are without calls, emails, funnels, or expensive focus groups

How it works:

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Undeniable value for every marketing dollar spent